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Rocky Mountain Mobile Equine Service offers equine reproduction care including assistance with breeding mares, artificial insemination, problem mares and preventative health programs to maintain pregnant mares and healthy foals. Reproduction services include:

  • Breeding soundness exams. Evaluation of the mare prior to breeding may help identify any potential concerns or issues that may impact pregnancy.
  • Equine infertility evaluations. Uterine culture, cytology and biopsy may be used to identify potential uterine pathology.
  • Artificial insemination. This requires monitoring a mares cycle and overall reproductive health to determine the most appropriate timing for insemination.
  • Reproductive ultrasonography. Transrectal ultrasonography may be used to determine optimal time of breeding, assess cyclicity, as well as to diagnose and monitor pregnancy.
  • Care and management of mares from conception to delivery. This includes wellness care, nutrition, vaccination and parasite control protocols, body condition monitoring, and treating/maintaining reproductive health.
  • Reproductive emergencies. Both the mare and the foal may need treatment or emergency care at any point during the pregnancy period, foaling process, or post pregnancy.
  • Neonatal care. This may involve foaling assistance, evaluation of the foal just following birth and treatment of any potential conditions such as failure of passive transfer.

Our mobile veterinarian offers equine reproductive veterinary care in Idaho and Montana:

  • Idaho equine veterinary service areas include: East Boise, Idaho City.
  • Montana equine veterinary service areas include: Big Sky, Gallatin Gateway, Montana.


We look forward to coming up with a vaccination protocol that is unique and works best for you and horse, modifications or additions can be made at any time.

Core Vaccine Package


The Core Vaccine Package covers:

  • Horses with limited travel
  • Limited interaction with other horses
  • Horse that prefer the comfort of their own corral.

This Package includes:

  • A thorough annual examination
  • Annual dental evaluation
  • Nutrition assessment
  • Metabolic testing or annual blood work for our geriatric patients.

Active Lifestyle Vaccine Package


The most popular vaccine package!  Active Lifestyle Vaccine Package covers:

  • Horses with an active lifestyle characterized by moderate interaction with other horses
  • Hauling/travel, trail riding and sport activity.

This Package Includes:

  • A thorough annual examination
  • Annual dental evaluation
  • Body condition evaluation
  • Deworming status
  • Spring/Fall vaccination coverage

Competition Vaccine Package:


The best coverage for our equine athletes! This Package covers:

  • Competition horses
  • Heavy travel
  • Significant interaction with other horses

This Package Includes:

  • A thorough annual examination
  • Annual dental evaluation
  • Body condition evaluation
  • Deworming status
  • Additional optional vaccination protocols based on the horse’s potential exposure.